SINO CONNECTIONS LOGISTICS INC. is an international freight company that started the business since 1998 with a belief to provide impeacableseafreight and airfreight services to clients.
          To fulfil our aim, we equip our company with a team of well-trained and experienced staff in order to serve our clients in any aspects. With the state-of-the-art computerization systems, we can monitor the cargo closely and process documents efficiently and accurately.
          Top management of our team posses more than 10 years experience in the shipping field, their know-how and technique becomes an advantage in furnishing adequate assistance to clients.
          Moreover, good relationship between our company and the liners also benefits us to offer our patrons the most reasonable rates and the most flexible sailings schedule. Last year, we handled over 18000 Teu CY Cargoes and 13000 CBM consolidation cargoes through our services.
          Our company's growth links with our patrons' support, we hope we can be of contributions to more and more clients at present and in future.

          For upcoming years, we will set up another branch offices in China, like Tianjin, Dalian and Fuzhou. Totally, we hope we can form more than 10 offices over the China. Since China just joint WTO last year and we are sure their export/import volume will keep increase recently. We would like to make sure our networks are able to cover all your need. Under such arrangement, we are able to provide one account settlement as it will reduce your account work load as it don't need to settle the payment separately and save their time.